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June 4, 2010

Sorry for All Late Update

Sorry for All Late Update
-(Personal Notes)-

Hi again everybody... this time I ask for your apologize for not updating the game, the experiment periodically.

For about almost 6 months I try to build a teacher community "Environmental Education Community for Teachers" or something sounds like that in my town: Bogor - Indonesia.

We did some basic training to strengthen the community; 1 modules per-month, and as the result we now have 2 groups of environmentally friendly teachers ^^ : one in the town and the other is in the regency area. All of this activity plus a kind of change in my NGO management distrained my attention.

hopefully, in this month I can build a new module for our blog again. I know it's a little bit disappointing to see that no new game created for almost 5 month. Really sorry :(

Thank you for your support... Keep up the spirit!



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