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November 14, 2009

Search the Mineral

Search the Mineral
-(Nature Game)-

Basicly, this game is the same with "Guess the Peanut Number" game - the game I have already posted a couple months ago. This is a specific game that we can used to introduce mineral to participants. Sometimes we found difficulties to learn mineralogy - but why we don't speak in different language? Everybody love a game and with warm atmosphere, we should learn easier don't you think ^^?


While do some walking in the field, garden, forest, or beach; try to encourage children to collect some small stone, rock, coral, sand or soil. You can divide children into groups. While one groups collecting stone, the other groups can collect rock, sand or something else...

After finish walking, gather and sit in a circle, you can start the game:
1. Children look the mineral with full attention
2. They can touch the mineral if they like
3. Close their eyes with handkerchief
4. You can give him/her one sample of mineral
5. After 30 - 60 seconds you can take the stone /rock back
6. The kid must recognize the mineral he/she already touch
Hints : for harder level of game you can give children similar shape / type of stone / rocks

What you can discuss:
- How can they recognize the mineral they touch?
- Is there any similarity between those kind of minerals?
- Give children information about geology, and how the minerals formed... (geology process)
- Why you can only found some types of minerals in certain area only?
- And many questions... you can relate it with different use of stone / rocks, economic value of minerals, and talking about mining and environment problem...


  1. Nice method... I will try this game on my class. Thank you...

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  3. Thank you - that is a new idea - but I prefer not to relate it with smoking - hahaha - but thank you !



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