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October 7, 2009

World Cafe Discussion Technique

World Cafe Discussion Technique
-(More ESD Activities, Discussion, Enhancing Group Dynamics)-

World Cafe is a new technique for me to have a kind of discussion.We did this activity in ANGOC - ToT in Philippine 15-21 September 2009.

We also can use this technique to other workshop participants. A senior high school students or higher may do this technique, because this discussion need a lot of informations and knowledges from participants.

Manila paper, color spidol, 1 facilitator, 1 notulen

First, divide participants into groups consist 3-5 participants (beside facilitator and notulen). In my ToT, there are 20 participants, so they form 5 groups, sitting in each table.

Well, let aside the ToT material. I will only tell you the concepts of this activity is to make an open discussion between people. Everybody can move to other groups an make a conversation. So, yes, somebody can come to you, in the middle of discussion and there is a basic rule that everybody who come late must join the topic that already discussed (no interuption first please).

Don't forget that in each table, there are a facilitator and notulen that have anchor functions. It means that everybody can move to other table, but not this 2 person (well, if everybody move isn't that difficult to know previous discussion?)

Let say, we make a 2 session with 4 questions that is :
- What is the problem of environmental issues in your area ?
- Kind of strategy you implement in that condition
- What thing you are not reccomend (according to your experiences) - in implement this activity ?
- Next plan to do in the future - why ?

For every session you can give 30 to 60 minutes. The idea is not to tell everybody exactly what happened (naration) but to get people participation (fresh idea, question asked) unless they need to know your information. Just telling everybody your feeling and dominate the discussion is not what I mean (it sometimes happened if the facilitator forgot their function).

Everybody freely moving all around. In my country Indonesia this is what thet tell you as WARUNG KOPI (cofee shop) discussion. Sometimes it's hotter in the parliament itself ^_^
My questions in previous paragraph are freely to be modify... you are welcome to do that...

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