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September 25, 2009


-(More ESD Activities, Ice Breaker)-

This is a game for fun, an ice breaker game that I got from my friend in Philippines when we are attending the ToT in land rights advocacy. The students of Xavier University at Cagayan de Oro, told us that this is a game to welcome their neighbouring friends (included me also ^^)

Although it is simple game, we have a lot of fun to do this game. When you are teaching something, or conduct a training and when a session need an energizer, this is a game to choose.

About 5 to 15 participants

The rule of this game is to obey trainer instructions. There is two basic rules while they appoint participants:
1. When trainer appoint someone, a participant must clap 2 times and say HIP-HIP
2. For second appointment participants must raise her/his hands and say HOOREEE

Trainer can choose any participants to do first and second instructions. So the participants must concentrate their concentrations while playing this game, so they will not getting eliminated.

Do the instructions fast and you as a trainer also can repeat the instructions for the same man or different man. Make your instructions unpredictable. You always can make a randomize appointment and everybody will shock and need concentrate hard to play this game.

It's not really a nature game, but maybe you can modified some move and yel. My suggestions are :
- Use this activity to learn about language. You can add new move and use some English / local language for the substitution of HIP-HIP and HOOREEE
- After some practice you can start to make a competition. Ask the participants to make a circle so you can choose participants faster / effectively
- This game also suitable for they who wants to popularize some words and symbol. Repetition for middle or long term also good to influence people minds. For example, you also can affect people behaviour (children) if you change the order like this :
First appointment : Shout "THROW (the garbage)!" - action : using hand like throwing something
Second order : Shout "NOOO !" - action : jump and make raise an X with her/his body (hand and foot)...

Thank you for my Pinoy friends. I hope you also have fun with this game...

Picture : ANGOC ToT participants (Srilanka vs Nepal) in action, the last one to be eliminated

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