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August 29, 2009

Repetition Make It Perfect

Repetition Make It Perfect
-(Guiding Notes)-

Hello guyz, it's been 1 or 2 weeks since my last write. It's been a busy weeks because I have to finish some works. After an ESD conference, some regular works waiting to be finished ^^

I want to talk about important thing to develop environmental awareness among kids: REPETITION, how actually we must go back again and again to a simple activity (nature game, experiments, story telling, discussion, etc) to strengthen environmental awareness.

When I was a little boy, my grandpa and me (and my brothers), every 1 or 2 weeks come to a tea plantation. And then he just let me play in a small river, kind of water channel. We seek for a small fish, insects, water plant or build a small dam (am I say it in right word for "bendungan" in Indonesia, or is it a dike?).

I believe that the repetition make the feel (to love the nature) stronger.

So, it's not a one big shot at all ! To increase children awareness we need REPETITION all the time.

In my opinion, it can be a kind of simple activity like making recycle paper, or just watching the insects in a tree for one semester (a small modification will help)

And that's better than ONE BIG SHOT (like an expensive tour that only being held once a year).

No need to think a complex activity that spend a lot of money, just repeat a good nature activity again and again, to get the feel.

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