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June 12, 2009

Star Trek Game 1 : Planet Exploration

STar Trek Game 1 : Planet Exploration
-(Nature Game)-

This game dedicated for my favorite science fiction movie : Star Trek.

First we must write a strong plot for this story. You had to empower children imagination. Tell a story first when we start this game. We need a briefing "officer!" We have to explore this planet to find kind of living creature live here!

Mission : find, search and collect sample from living creature

Who will go to the planet surface:
1. First Officer: William Riker (Human)
2. Lt. Commander : Data (Android)
3. Chief of Security, Lt Sgt : Worf (Klingon)
4. Head of Engineer, Lt Sgt : Geordi La Forge (Human)
5. Observer : Spock (Vulcan) - you as a teacher

Tell the children they need to mimic the person they played. As Riker, they need to be "just human". Riker is the man who control the expedition. So you need to lead your team. Data is a robot / android. So you must speak more polite and discipline. Worf is powerful and he is a chief of security. You know what it's mean ! And La Forge is expert in engineer. We need him to make sure our tools are OK. Spock is an observer that suggest his best opinion about the situation.

Before this game, place some marks for the plant / living creature they need to collect (so you go explore the place first). You can mark the things by put an X, a bright spot, just an instruction or anything (including instruction like : collect all plants that is flowering,..). For advance, just tell them like this: we need a leaves from manggo, rambutan, banana, chocolate and coffee plant - that will make them think creatively.

Make a route: like from A to B then to C (a map would be interesting). This is a kind of route they will played.

Then start the exploration. Mr. Spock (as observer) will give his opinion only in an emergency situation / when they need it.

1. Walk in this NORMAL position when in normal move (Riker leading)
2. Walk in this DEFEND position when there are threat (Worf leading)
3. When the team observe, only Data who only can touch the thing (Data is an android which is not sensitive to plant poison)
4. La Forge always carry a box / container to collect the plant without touching it. He also bring a note to simply writing about the plant location, condition, quality and quantity, or some ecosystem review.

- Compete with other team. Which one explore better?
- Try different route, location and planet
- Explain about plant biology, ecosystem, economy value, and relation with social culture in the native tribe... when they are arrive...
- Use "tricorder, phaser, technological box" and more to support the journey
- Make the exploration tougher - cross the river and more
- Make more threat by the "Ferengi, Romulans and Borg" or the beast in this planet ^_^
- Conclusion : is this place is OK for human colonization? why?

Geordi picture taken from :, Data and Worf picture taken fromhttp://, Spock picture taken from, Riker picture taken from

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