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June 10, 2009

Nature Detective

Nature Detective
-(Nature Game)-

This is a kind of game that increase children imagination. The game is quite simple but it needs strong storyline form us as teacher. First we need to make a story like this...

"Once upon a time there was a detective, who is so famous for his/her ability to find clue in outdoor environment. He/she can track various track through a forest, river, even in a water... (you go on... ^.^ )

The purpose of this activity is to have some "nature detective". We prepare children to watch closely, search for anything "strange" happenend around them - so the children will learn interesting things in their environment, even if it is so little that sometime miss from their attention.

1. To seek clue, they must crawl - not walk (in order to make them look closer to the clue). Only when they seek clue in some place they can stand (like in some tree).
2. We may use magnifier to examine the clue.
3. They need to write what things are strange according to them (maybe a yellow leaves, a branch, or anything)
4. After 30 minutes, the activity is over, we discuss what they found

Because this is a learning season to become a real nature detective, you will explain the things they ask as clues.
- Explain why a leaves become yellow (because they getting old,...)
- Explain why there is a cut in grass (maybe because an grasshoper eat it?)
- Explain about the flower functions (yes, you also must read a lot ^^)
- Explain about geology of a stone (it's getting harder don't you think :) )

In the end, you may say : well that's enough for today, we will practice tomorrow in the beach..! TT myLot User Profile

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