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June 7, 2009

Indian and Bandit

Indian and Bandit
-(Nature Game)-

Who likes play indian and bandit? That's my question when I play this game. It's a simple game - and every kids love the play it. When we play this game, we can learn history, biology, an other subject with help from some imagination. This game also make the children move and increase their ability to speak and working together with their friends.

First, divide children into two groups: as Indian and Bandit. Not like a war game - I prefer this game as a simulation for negotiation game. So Indian and Bandit must play their role to reach peace agreement rather than try to shoot each other ^_^

As Indian, they must dressed as Indian. Facilitate this groups to have make up from nature cosmetic (use clay and charcoal to make up their faces) and some leaves to decorate their clothes.

As Bandit, they must make a hat from leaves and make it to be a cowboy hat (or you can make a "moustache" from a corn plant ?)

Then the negotiation begin. The story is that for a peace agreement they need to barter some goods.

First round : 5 minutes, facilitator read opening topics (so you need make a good story first). Describe the history and the situation happened. You must make this two groups realize the situation and help them imagine better.

Second round : each group representation talk and share their opinion about this situation. Any comment from their member is OK but limitation is a must. Time 5 minutes for each groups.

Third round : facilitator say something first (bla-bla, so let's negotiate about this situation. We need to compromize your lost and say what you need, ...). And then facilitator say : ok, we have a deal that we need barter first... but we need some room and time to discuss with each member groups to make clear what the groups want...

Fourth round : break, facilitator help each groups to make a list for they want. Group needs can be (just for example) :
1. A fruit, branch of a plant
2. A map (maybe your playground)
3. A special thing from nature (a rock, sand, ...)
4. A small animal or insects

This is an example for Indian Group needs:
- 5 banana fruit (the Indian say we are starving now, give us food)
- 3 durian leaves (we need it for medication)
- 3 spoonfull of sand (we can imagine that this is a gold dust)

And this is an example for Bandit Group needs:
- A map of this area - you may limit the area (we need it to explore this area)
- A beautiful rock - you may translate this into interesting look from a stone (we need a beautiful jewel)

Fifth round : meeting, each group exchange their needs

Sixth round : 15 minutes (or more) activity, to find each group want

Seventh round : meeting, and result

Eight round : faciitator tell a story ( a history, economic value, biology, life cycle, ecosystem related,...) from some of the things they bring...

- Prepare the situation first. You also may request some object into group (so you have your topic in group needs)
- You may repeat this game with another story (so children will not bored to your story) like farmer and trader story, wood cutter and fisherman, gold digger and indian, local tribe and doctor, and more :)

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