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May 7, 2009

Nature Character Game

Nature Character Game
-(Nature Game)-

This is a nature game that we can played to know more about animal, tree, and specific living creature (like human species) character. After this game we can discuss more about species, genetic biodiversity, even social related issues.

Sticker label for name tag

For example, when we want to talk about animal biodiversity, we can divide groups into 5 or more groups, according how many children play this game (greater than 20 is good).

Let assume that we divide groups into five : rat, spider, worm, hawk, barracuda group

Make a circle. Stick the label to each children and name it according their groups. Don't forget to randomize their groups to separate their position in circle. After get into their position, each participant must mark their stand with their personal stuff (like a shoes, a bag, a scarf). And we have some points related with the children number - in front of their positions.

The teacher came into the circle and give some instructions:
- Living in the water - MOVE (so barracuda kids will move, leaving their point and move into another barracuda point)
- Eat the meat - MOVE (so everybody move, only worm kids stay still in their point)
- Shark enemy - STILL (so everybody move, only barracuda kids stay still in their poin)
- Can fly - MOVE (so hawk kids will move, leaving their hawk point and move into another hawk point)
- Etc

After kids used to play this instruction, teacher will also move into point, so there is will be a subtitute for INSTRUCTOR (played by a kid who is to slow when moving in last round). This time the kid must say his / her own instruction, until he can move back into point (another kid will replace his / her position)

As teacher you can get back to play instructor role if the situation need some help.

For more instruction, after this general instruction you can play:
- Everybody move (randomize all position)
- Change your label with a kid right on you
- Etc

To discuss about biodiversity among one species (like human), you can give instruction like
- Curly hair - MOVE
- Live in Bogor District - MOVE
- Taller than 160 cm - STILL
- Like Farming - STILL
- Like to read newspapper - MOVE
- Etc

You can discuss about inter species biodiversity (like genetic biodiversity). Even we can relate it with social issues: like human right issues, specific tribe issues if we give more specific instruction as instructor. It's not hard to try... we can do this game as an introduction game into specific issues :)

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