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April 4, 2009

Listening the Wild /Plus Noise Absorber

(Plus Noise Absorber as Experiment)
-(Nature Game)-

This is a game we can do in a
forest, near river, beach or even in the city. The purpose of the game is to remind children or an adult that nature "whisper" something, and we need to reflect and understand what they are trying to say ( :) in other word, to sharpen hearing sense and our heart, and to realize nature existance

Needs :
Handkerchief (optional)

When we come to a place, stand for a moment in a comfortable place to hear what interesting thing that happened in this place. Close children eyes with a handkerchief, or just close their eyes.

Now we only depend on our ears to hear what's happening in the nature. For 5 minutes, make sure that nobody say anything. Keep quite and listening.

There are several different topic we can discuss from this game. Fisrt, you can choose ANIMAL EXISTANCE (try to count how many animal sound we can recognize), or NATURE EXISTANCE (try to count any sound that came from nature).

The rule is very simple. While still in silent and blindness, for every sound they hear, they raise one of their finger. After 5 minutes, children share what they count and hear. Is there any different in number between team members? Make a discussion...

Second, for NOISE ABSORBER we can play this game on two different city location, a park and in bussy road), or else. First, we divide children for two groups. One is standing near a bussy road, and other stand in the park (or city forest). You can modify this simple table:













Give score 1 to 10 (1 is for lowest sound, 10 is for highest sound). Every team does same job in the park / city forest and in the bussy road, near the park / forest. After that, they compare the results and we can discuss about noise absorbser as one of the tree / plant / forest functions.

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