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April 18, 2009

Box of Unseen

Box of Unseen

-(Nature Game)-

This is a nature game that we can integrate with art, local language, math or anything else (like every nature game in this writings too). The idea is quite simple. We encourage children, or adults to know better about biodiversity, using their senses (in this case, with smelling and touching).

Some box (12 box or more)
Smelly objects from plants (12 or more)

First, I like to remind that we must try to always integrate every nature game, experiment or discussion with other study (biology, art, culture, language, math, social science). In my country, there are limited time to teach environmental education (although it is a very rapid breakthrough to start to did environmental education). If we can put environmental education in many integrated subject, it will become one of education for sustainable development (ESD).

So, lets start with the box:
1. Create a box about 5x5x3 (wide, length, high) without top. We need about 12 box or more. In math, we can also study to calculate the volume of the box, while make a good drawing for the scheme. Don't stick to much with this idea, you also can use paper bag, triangle box or without box.
2. In art and culture, we can decorate the box with local style drawing, or by creating our own style (it is possible to you to create social movement slogan too :P )

Then we start with the game itself. First, bring about 12 different smelly object - from the part of plants (it can be root, seed, fruit, leaves, etc). It must have different flavor. Divide 12 children into 2 groups (each are 6).

For 3 to 5 minutes, every children must smell and recognize the smelly objects. Then they stop and waiting in groups. Every children hold a box and in order, the first group pick up the objects from the teacher (so they pick 6 from 12) and put it into box. The other group standing in a row with eyes closed (use the handkerchief).

When you say start, first group stand and give the box to their opponent. They must recognize the plant with their smell. Is it possible for one kid to receive more than one box. In 10 seconds, first group move backward with their box and second groups calculate their point (right answer). Group number one give all the objects back to the teacher.

Second round, it's time for other groups to do the same. We can make this activity in some rounds until we sure the children have know about the object clearly. For modification, we can use touch for different object : leaves, seeds, flowers, etc. It is my advice to keep their eyes closed so after some smell and touch, when they open their eyes, they will more aware and watching, this time closer than before to the object.

Upper picture: ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg

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  1. Thanks 4 your, opinion in my blog! i wiLL posting more interest issue! and also best fitur! now! n Make that simple 4 people.



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