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April 29, 2009

Black or Blue

-(Nature Game, Enhancing Group Dynamics, Ice Breaker)-

This is a modified game from Indonesian "Hitam and Hijau" (Black and Green) game. My teacher show this game when I was a young scout in my junior high school. I asume that some of you have a similar game played in your country :) Then I modify it to become "a more nature game" :) . We also can modified many other games to teach environment education, math, social, science, local language in fun way - you should trust me :)

First I choose "Black and Blue" because the words have similar rhyme - in more simple way, we can also play this game by just say BLLLACK or BLLLUE (for example, for kindergarten / smaller kids).

We divide children or adults into 2 groups. This is a massive game, so it will be more fun if we played it with more than 20 kids. Sometimes I played this game in order to refresh, re-energizing participants.

Some statements in related issues (environment, math, social, or else)

Make 4 lines :
1. First line
2. Second line, aproximately 5 meter from first line
3. Third line, aproximately 7 meter from first line
4. Fourth line, aproximately 12 meter from first line

Divide participants into 2 groups. First group will be BLACK group (WRONG statement), second group will be BLUE group (RIGHT statement).

BLACK and BLUE group will stand behind line number 2 and 3, facing each other. A WRONG statement means a BLACK team can catch one of the BLUE team after the teacher read his/her statement completely. A RIGHT statement means a BLUE team can catch one of the BLACK team after the teacher read his/her statement completely.

Please notice that prisoner will be a part the team who catch them. Also pay attention that to secure a position, a target can run until they reach save line (behind first or fourth line).

Make some nature/social/ math/... related statement like :
1. Orcinus orca (killer whale) is a kind of fish
(WRONG answer - it's mamal, so the BLACK group catch one of the blue group. Just grab a hand)
2. There's no way that a mamal can lay an egg
(WRONG answer - a platypus can, so the BLACK group catch one of the blue group)
3. Social related statement: Ujung Kulon National Park (with its Javan Rhino) is in Indonesian - Banten Province
(RIGHT answer - this time so BLUE group catch one of the blue group)
4. Trap statement : You've already eat this morning :P
(So there's no BLACK and BLUE answer - participants will catch each other dizzily)
5. Math related statement: If a tree can produce 200 lt of O2 a month (net), it needs 15 trees to support a man who needs 3000 lt O2 a month.
(You should know that The BLUE will catch the BLACK)
6. Create your own fun statement...

For a smaller kids, create a more simple statement... have fun !

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