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August 16, 2010

New Category Added

New Category Added
-(Personal Notes)-

Hello guys, how are you? Just want you to know that after a day of think, I decided to expand this blog, so it become better... I mean that I feel that nature games, experiments were not enough to support education and create awareness for people...

So I will create and modified another facilitation technique category beside nature game and experiments and all of those activities will be packed into "facilitation technique" label, and its sub.

In this part, you can read about how to do introduction-icebreaking, energizing and forming a group, enhancing group dynamics, improve listening and observation, analysis, evaluation, semi-structured interviewing, diagramming and evaluation, ranking and scoring.

Well, I still need more time to organize this blog so it can be read easily. Some of blog features didn't support the appearance I want, so it looks that I must find alternative: find another template, add better link to find writings, etc.

Hope all of this item can support you to increase more awareness in social, environment, economic, and spiritual-humanity related movements. Good luck ^_^ !

Warm regards,
Indra N Hatasura



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